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DSM | Company Film | Cinema Production

Unsung heroes of science


DSM | Company Film | Cinema Production

Unsung heroes of science

FrieslandCampina | Cinema Production

The story of milk

Our clients

| Robert McKee - Hollywood storytelling guru

Watch DSM’s mission-focused storified video Unsung Heroes of Science.

| Feike Sijbesma - Former CEO - DSM

You guys have delivered excellent work. With passion. Thanks and compliments.

| Michael Lightfoot - Chief Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Officer - Leaseplan

The great thing about 1Camera is that they don’t just film your story; they help you create it. I’ve partnered with the 1Camera team for 13 years and have never experienced anything less than a truly intelligent, ‘can-do’ and creative approach.

| Erin Fitzgerald - CEO - USFRA

A few times in your career you get the privilege to work on a project with an exceptional team. I fell in love with one of Jasper’s films and tracked him down. From the moment we started to work together, Jasper approached everything from the angle of empathy and an appreciative eye. The film #30Harvests broke new ground in the conversation about farmers being part of the solution to climate change. I couldn’t be more grateful for their care and attention to the story and our authentic partnership.

| Stefan Kloet - Communication director - Achmea

When you work with 1Camera you are dealing with the professional top of the Netherlands in the field of storytelling and corporate films. They really immersed themselves in Achmea and that’s how we were able to develop a film together that captures the core of our identity and strategy.

| Aline van Keulen - Director Corporate Marketing & Head of Internal Communication - KPN

Together with my team I have been working very pleasantly with 1camera for many years.
On very different types of assignments. From concept to production.
They always know how to make something beautiful and appropriate for our brand and strategy.

Our packages


Our Lite package is the best option for quick and straightforward productions.



PROS | fast delivery, flexible, and cost-efficient.

CREW | a single camera journalist and editor.

BEST FOR | event reports and street interviews.


Our Classic package is our core product. A great way to tell your corporate story.

PROS | high quality films, quick turnaround and attractive rates.

CREW | a DoP (cameraman), a creative producer, and editor.

BEST FOR | internal videos with some creative conceptualization.


Our Cinema package provides the highest quality available.

PROS | the look and feel of a high quality feature film, at corporate film rates.

CREW | at least a DoP (cameraman), creative producer, director and editor.

BEST FOR | external videos like campaign films that require advanced creative conceptualization.


With our animations we make every complex message understandable.

PROS | having every possible setting available to you.

CREW | a creative producer and animator.

BEST FOR | all kinds of informative videos.




We advice, you film and we edit. Finding the most personal way of bringing your message across.

PROS | filming at your own time and place but having a professional edit.

CREW | a creative producer and editor.

BEST FOR | internal personal messages.

High-quality corporate films

1Camera is a renowned video production company based in Amsterdam, with a specialization in making high-quality corporate films. Based on our passion for film and storytelling, we help companies from various sectors with visual content creation – corporate videos, animation films or personal vlogs that inspire, inform, and connect.

We use cinematic means to ensure that the message you want to convey really comes across to your target group. Whether you want to connect with new and existing customers with a visually immersive film that captures the brand’s identity, capture a board member’s farewell interview through a memorable CEO film, or humanize the people within your company through beautiful portrait films: 1Camera helps you create corporate films that put your company in the spotlight.


A renowned, international video production company in Amsterdam

As a video production company in Amsterdam, we offer various film packages. Regardless of your budget, the target group you want to reach or the concept you have in mind: based on your input, we help you choose the right package, after which we take full care of the entire video production. Do you already have a clear idea of ​​where you want to go with your corporate film or are you going in blank? As a video production company, we know all the intricacies of the film industry and we help you realize a corporate film that perfectly reflects your company and the message you want to convey. Discover our packages!


Discover what we can do for you

Is your company located in Amsterdam, elsewhere in the Netherlands, or abroad and would you like to outsource the production of your corporate film to a professional video production company? Based on your wishes and your budget, 1Camera is happy to conceptualize and realize your vision. Would you like to discover immediately what we can do for you as a video production company? Or do you have questions and would you like to obtain further information and personal advice first? Feel free to contact us using the contact details on our website.