FrieslandCampina | The story of milk


Make FrieslandCampina employees feel how special milk actually is.

We created the ‘anti-milk’ story, by turning every cliché milk-scene upside down and not show any milk in the film (ok, just once).

The insight was that FrieslandCampina’s employees around the world (Europe, Asia, Africa), had been focusing so much on marketing dairy products in all different forms, they we’re starting to lose touch with how special the core product, milk, actually is. The fact that cows can produce milk from grass can in fact be called a miracle of mother nature. We came up with the idea for the story of milk as a letter from a farmer father to his corporate son, set to fairytale like scenes. The film was meant as an internal film, but was so well received, it was subsequently posted externally online, on TV (as a shortened commercial) and in cinema’s (as a full length commercial).