DSM | Unsung heroes of science


Tell me DSM will change the world without telling me DSM will change the world.

Director | hugo keijzer


True storytelling turned a corporate message about sustainability into a heartfelt human narrative that reached millions worldwide

Rather than tell a story with DSM or its people in the lead, DSM agreed to bring an ode to scientists on DSM’s behalf. During our concept discovery, we found that scientists on a mission face a serious struggle and conflict in reaching their goals and their perseverance and determination makes them true story heroes. So we made a long list of 100 scientists working on ideas that might change the world and eventually chose 4 storylines that we filmed with the real scientists, starring in the story of their own life. The inspirational film touched 10 million hearts worldwide, amongst which Hollywood storytelling guru Robert McKee, who referenced the film in his book ‘Storynomics’ (2018).