FrieslandCampina | A new day


How to win hearts when your audience is ready to throw mud?

award gouden reiger

award gouden reiger

Director | Hugo Keijzer

Imagine being a young farmer right now. Imagine the tough choices you have to make. 

Step into the shoes of a young farmer facing tough choices amidst an evolving dairy landscape. FrieslandCampina, the Netherlands’ leading dairy cooperative, marks 150 years amid environmental concerns and farmer distress. In their latest endeavor, ‘A New Day’, they pivot towards the future, honoring heritage while addressing present challenges. Through extensive farmer research, the focus shifts to the perspective of youth tasked with transforming the sector. Amidst criticism, FrieslandCampina’s ode to the young farmer resonates, bridging past, present, and future in a heartfelt message of resilience and progress.