Storytelling in a commercial

Starting this week, the new NHA commercial is on TV. A project we have been working on hard. The assignment was to tell a story about love within 30 seconds and touch the viewer emotionally. A great challenge that we were eager to take on! Commissioned by content marketing agency Zandbeek, we developed and realized a commercial in which main character Kevin learns the Korean language for a very special occasion. We are proud of the result and the way we can tell stories in a film of just 30 seconds.

In our ‘behind the scenes’ video we would like to give you a look behind the scenes at this production. It shows how director Hugo Keijzer aims for the highest possible result, also in the field of the Korean language. For example, we make use of a local cast and crew in South Korea, and a Korean language coach here in the Netherlands. In addition, the video also shows how we deal with COVID-19 on set, and what the role of the social distance manager is there. You can watch the commercial and the ‘behind the scenes’ video below!