Celebrating the most trusted Dutch car leasing company

Today we proudly present the corporate film series spanning 5 episodes ‘Leaseplan: The moments that made us’

A series where different generations of LeasePlanners give their raw and honest take on the history from one of the leading Dutch companies in car leasing today. 

Each episode emphasises a different generation with accompanying setbacks and their defiances. Join us on a trip down memory lane about the rise of the leasing giant with the people who were actually there.

A movie about community, adapting to changing times and one of the biggest Dutch companies in car leasing today. Learn a thing or two about the development of a succesful and versatile company.

How it all began…

In the first episode we follow Jos Joosen the founder of Leaseplan and Frits Kuipers the chief financial officer on how the company started out and the first major crisis after its initial succes. We’ve also invited four young Leaseplan employees to test them on their knowledge of the company’s history.


The (not so) secret formula to succes

In the second episode of the series we follow Frits’ perspective on how the company found another main employee whom introduced the revolutionary ‘open calculation’ system that made transparency one of the key values from Leaseplan.


Work hard, play hard

The third episode is all about the feeling of community and -dare I say- family that thrived during the early days of the company. To this day Leaseplan values their employees very much which results in a work hard play hard mentality. Watch some long-time employees make some cheeky remarks about the good ole’ days.


Expanding across borders

In the fourth episode we look at the company expanding their business all over the world. From the Netherlands to Belgium to the UK and eventually even to other continents. Spreading their work hard, play hard culture everywhere they go.


NextGen LeasePlan

In the final episode of this series the next generation of corporate LeasePlan leaders talk about what will happen in the future, how LeasePlan added sustainability to their core values and about an unexpected setback that brought out the best of the company.


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