Leaseplan’s annual report series

LeasePlan, a leading global fleet management and mobility company, has been taking a proactive approach in addressing some of the most pressing issues in the industry, and their 2021 Annual Report is a testament to their commitment to progress. As part of their efforts to communicate their initiatives and achievements, LeasePlan collaborated with us at 1Camera to produce three films that provide insight into their perspective on three trending topics: ESG, Digital Transformation, and the Semiconductor Shortage.

In these films, LeasePlan’s interviewees provide valuable insights and analyses of the challenges and opportunities that come with these topics, from both an external and internal point of view. We worked closely with the client to ensure that the films captured their messaging and values, while also being visually appealing and engaging.

Our team of experienced filmmakers deliberately centralized the interviewees and the settings they were in, keeping focus on the message of the films while being able to control aesthetics to a maximum. We used a variety of techniques, such as careful framing, lighting, and camera movement, to enhance the visual impact of the films, while also creating a sense of continuity between the different interviews.

The final products are a series of films that are not only informative, but also engaging and visually stunning. Through our collaboration with LeasePlan, we were able to create films that effectively convey their vision and mission, while also meeting their high standards of quality and professionalism. We are proud of the work we’ve done and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Concept: 1Camera
Klant: LeasePlan
Research & regie: Veerle Denissen
DOP: Pieter Colombijn
Producer: Roos Aalvanger
AC / 2nd Camera: Jan Koks
AC 2: Damon Kruizenga
3rd Camera: David James
BTS Camjo: Ward Brandsma
BTS PA: Nuriye Snijdewind
Gaffer: Michiel Kingma
Editor: Bart Hagel
Colour grading: Peter Oosterhuis

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