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My Guiding Light

We are proud to unveil the “My Guiding Light” film we produced for Ausnutria Middle East Kabrita Arabia. The concept for this film was inspired by Kabrita’s commitment to nourishing life and growth to little ones worldwide with their goat milk formula.
Kabrita’s deep connection to the Arab culture is rooted in this association with goat milk, a cherished cultural heritage in the Middle East.
We shot this film in Saudi Arabia, which was a first for us: thanks to Storytailors, Zeina Sabeh, and Nadim Dagher for being our trusted partners.


Client: Ausnutria Nutrition Middle East – Kabrita
Regie: Michaël Sewandono
DOP: Nanko Goeting
Concept: Jasper Claus, Veerle Denissen
Producer: Lisanne Kühne
Account:: Paul Keur
Editor: Bart Hagel
Colour grading: Peter Oostehuis
Focus Puller: Eli van Cleef
Music: Ruben Samama
Line production: Storytailors, Zeina Sabeh, Nadim Dagher
Research: Faten Bushehri
Translation services: Iyuno Media Group

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