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Documentary Teaser

Can the Netherlands run entirely on green energy? And can new offshore wind farms go hand in hand with nature? These two questions are put central in the two short documentaries we created together with the Danish energy company Ørsted.

In the documentary “System Integration”, energy transition issues are explained from various angles, and solutions are put forward to make this transition as efficient as possible. In the documentary “Ecology’ the focus is on the North Sea. It shouldn’t only be there to take things out of, but in order to preserve and improve its biodiversity and health we also need to give back to it.

To see the full documentaries, click here.


Creative producer: Lisanne Kühne
Klant: Ørsted (Mads Buhl)
Regie: Lisanne Kühne
DOP: Nanko Goeting, Johan Bosgraaf
Editor: Bart Hagel, Rimon Awad
Colour grading: Annie Manueke

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