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90th Anniversary Celebration Film

We are excited to announce “Het Verlossende Telefoontje,” our latest corporate film produced in celebration of ONVZ’s 90th anniversary.
With this film, we share a powerful message – you don’t have to lose control when you need care. The film is inspired by the touching stories of insured individuals, the very stories that the ZorgConsulenten (Care Consultants) of ONVZ encounter daily.

Klant: ONVZ
Concept/creative director: Jasper Claus
Regie: Symen Hoogesteger
DOP: Nanko Goeting
Executive producer: Paul Keur
Producer: Katerina Pischikova
Production assistant: Nadine Haggag
Camera assistant: Merlijn Hoogterp, Thijs van Geenhuizen
Gaffer: Mark Huisman, Torben Hanegraaf
Editor: Annie Manueke, Bart Hagel
Colour grading: Peter Oosterhuis
Audiomix: Peter Suyderhoud
Casting agency: Dutch Casting Agency

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