A refection on 2020: A year of ups and downs, but foremost a year of investment

The year 2020 is over. What an eventful year it has been. A year that started off very well, with countless exciting projects in the pipeline. But where Covid-19, like for many of us, complicated things. At the beginning of March, almost every call we received was a cancellation, making our passion to make beautiful films rather difficult. Fortunately, in April and May we started to receive requests for new films again, turning things around. We rapidly learned how we could make corporate cinema under safe circumstances and according to RIVM guidelines.

It was a year in which we learned an awful lot: new ways of running film productions, how to offer new services, but also that our love for filmmaking and storytelling is stronger than ever before. 2020 is a year in which we have invested in our future and expanded our tools to create inspiring films. Despite Covid-19, we have been able to work on great projects, together with you. We want to thank you for these cooperations and for maintaining your trust in us even in difficult times. Let’s toast to the future. That 2021 may bring us a lot of beautiful films.