200 How-to videos for TestGorilla

We are big fans of the concept of TestGorilla: an easy to use pre-employment test platform. It offers a huge assessment library to test potential new employees. Therefore we were very happy when Wouter Durville knocked on our door and asked us whether we could help TestGorilla with making how-to videos that they could use on their website.

It has been an exciting and rewarding experience. We knew that the success of the project was going to depend on the quality of the how-to videos and that’s why we put in so much effort to make sure that each one was perfect. We flew in five presenters, Liz, Karim, Samuel, Amber and Iris, who had a great presence on camera and were also knowledgeable about the software and the tests. In our office, we set up our own studio with a TestGorilla coloured backdrop and made sure that all the lighting and sound were perfect.

The first few videos were a great success and TestGorilla was very happy with the results. This gave us the confidence to move forward with the project and to produce a total of 200 videos. We worked hard to make sure that each video was clear and concise, with all the important details explained in a way that was easy to understand. We also made sure to keep a consistent look and feel in all our videos, so that they would be recognisable as a series.

We worked closely with TestGorilla to make sure that their requests and feedback were taken into account. We took the time to listen to their ideas and to incorporate them into the how-to videos. This enabled us to create a set of how-to videos that both TestGorilla and ourselves are proud of.

We put a lot of effort into making sure that the how-to videos were of the highest quality. We wanted them to be informative and engaging, so that viewers would be able to quickly understand the different tests that TestGorilla offers. We also wanted them to be visually appealing, so that viewers would be encouraged to watch the videos.

In order to achieve this, we made sure that the videos were well-structured and easy to follow. We also incorporated elements of motion graphics and animation in order to add a visual appeal to the how-to videos. We also made sure that the presenters were engaging and charismatic, so that viewers would be more likely to watch the videos and retain the information.

In the end, we produced a total of 200 how-to videos for TestGorilla. We are proud of our work and the fact that TestGorilla was happy with the results. We were pleased to have been able to help TestGorilla create an engaging and informative set of how-to videos that will help them reach a wider audience and get the word out about their platform and the tests that they offer.

Some examples:

Client: TestGorilla, Wouter Durville
Production: Femke Tiessen & Katerina Pischikova
DOPs: David James, Merlijn Hoogterp, Damon Kruizenga
Editors: Julia Provorchenko, Rimon Awad, Bart Hagel
Colour grading: Peter Oosterhuis


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