digital engineer recruitment

We received the question from Albert Wagemans, Head of Digital at NN,  to make a recruitment film for this team. After his visit to our office, we were so inspired by his enthusiasm that we couldn’t help but make a beautiful personal portrait of himself and his vision. Portraying the attention he has for this team and the fun they have together. We especially wanted to convey the team spirit and during the shooting days we soon found out that Albert had not said too much! They are enthusiastic, involved and give each other space to be there. That was nice to see and made for a pleasant cooperation. With our Arri Alexa, a drone and a carmount we pulled out all the stops to give the film just that little extra.

Concept and script: Pieter Colombijn
Client: NN – Albert Wagemans
Creative producer: Femke Tiessen
DOP: Jan Koks & Pieter Colombijn
Editor: Bart Hagel
Colour grading: Peter Oosterhuis

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