We take corporate film to a higher level by looking for the emotion behind the information & creating silver screen worthy visuals.


1Camera is an award winning creative content agency that was founded in 2008. We take corporate films of all kinds to a higher level by looking for the emotion behind the information and creating cinematic visuals. Our producers have backgrounds in academia and journalism, and we aim to create intelligent, well-researched films: stories with substance. From conceptualization to production and social media & distribution strategies, we’re a one-stop supplier that delivers high-quality videos with fast turn-around times – whether it’s a large scale, international production or a one minute corporate vlog!

But don’t just take out word for it. We’re proud to be frequent supplier for the following companies. Click on a logo to see a sample of the work we’ve done for them.


We offer three different types of packages, which vary in degree of concept, budget and scale. Completely new to the magical filmmaking process and a little overwhelmed? Give us a call and we’ll happily talk you through it.


Our Lite package is the best option for quick and straightforward productions.

PROS short-notice, flexible, and cost-efficient.

CREW a single camjo.

BEST FOR event reports and street interviews.


Our Classic package is our core product. A great way to tell your corporate story.

PROS high quality video, quick turnover and attractive rates.

CREW a DP (cameraman) and a producer.

BEST FOR internal videos with some creative conceptualization.


Our Cinema package provides the highest quality available.

PROS the look and feel of a commercial, at corporate film rates.

CREW at least a DP, producer and director.

BEST FOR external videos like campaign films that require advanced creative conceptualization.


Our team consists of academically trained producers and a pool of creative talent whose work you’ve probably seen on TV and in movie theaters.

Team 1Camera
Shanice KammingaBart HagelSuzanne StofbergVeerle DenissenEva AussemsMeike PlantMarije KuipersJasper ClausRoos VeltkampPaul KeurSharon WeijelAnna de BeusMarianna CatãoAlyssa HendriksTess KantersMirjam Lawrence

Shanice Kamminga

Content Creative & Film Director

BSc Psychology, University of Amsterdam

Interesting: Spent three years writing screenplays in Los Angeles and used to act.

Favorite film: A Little Princess, Midnight Special & Singin' in The Rain

Favorite TV show: Generation Kill, Parks & Recreation & Friday Night Lights

Bart Hagel


Bachelor of Communication & Multimedia Design, NHL Hogeschool

Interesting: Is a true cinephile who goes to the movies about twice a week.

Favorite film: The Lion King

Favorite TV show: True Detective, Stranger Things & Game of Thrones

Suzanne Stofberg

Clients Director

MSc Psychology, University of Amsterdam/UCU

Interesting: Has known Jasper and Paul since they were students at University College Utrecht, and has a background in PR.

Favorite film: When Harry Met Sally & Dirty Dancing

Favorite TV show: True Detective

Veerle Denissen

Creative Producer

MA Journalism & Media, University of Amsterdam

Interesting: Made films in Brazil for two years and is fluent in Portuguese.

Favorite film: Black Swan, Monty Python's Holy Grail & Boyhood

Favorite TV show: Mad Men & The Sopranos

Eva Aussems

Junior Camjo/Producer

MSc in Media Technology, Leiden University/Rietveld Academy

Interesting: Is also a video artist and photographer that has exhibited around the world.

Favorite film: La Meglio Gioventù

Favorite TV show: Transparent

Meike Plant

Creative Producer

MA Media Studies, University of Amsterdam

Interesting: Is also a documentary maker whose work has been shown at Movies That Matter and HollandDoc, among others.

Favorite film: PS, I Love You & Intouchables

Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones

Marije Kuipers

Camjo/ Producer

MBBA, Media & Entertainment Management, Stenden Hogeschool Leeuwarden

Interesting: Toured Australia for a year and is a surfer extraordinaire.

Favorite film: As It Is In Heaven, Inglorious Bastards & Intouchables

Favorite TV show: Fargo

Jasper Claus

Creative Director & Founder

MSc Psychology, University of Amsterdam/UCU

Interesting: Worked at MTV before he headed to New York to learn the film craft at NYU.

Favorite film: Vertigo

Favorite TV show: The Wire

Roos Veltkamp

Editor/Color Grader

Bachelor Art & Technology, Saxion Hogeschool Enschede

Interesting: Loves all sports that include boards and lived in Sweden, France and England for half a year each.

Favorite film: Inception & Pan's Labyrinth

Favorite TV show: Black Mirror

Paul Keur

Managing Partner

MSc Marketing, VU Amsterdam/UCU

Interesting: Is an avid tennis player who got to play Rafael Nadal when shooting him for 1Camera.

Favorite film: Pulp Fiction

Favorite TV show: Fargo & True Detective

Sharon Weijel


Bachelor Accountancy, Hogeschool Markus Verbeek

Interesting: On top of being a mom to two teenagers, she also takes care of a horse - of which she snaps just as many pictures.

Favorite film: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite TV show: Will & Grace, Friends

Anna de Beus

Project Developer

Bachelor Production Design, Nederlandse Film & Televisieacademie

Interesting: Used to be an art-director and producer and sings in a band with her best friend.

Favorite film: The Sound of Music

Favorite TV show: Nashville

Marianna Catão

Process Manager

MSc Corporate Communication, University of Amsterdam

Interesting: Is originally from Brazil and also a fantastic vegan chef.

Favorite film: Snatch & Love, Actually

Favorite TV show: Peaky Blinders & Gilmore Girls

Alyssa Hendriks

Head of Production

MA Journalism & Media, University of Amsterdam

Interesting: Has a passion for photography and takes a course abroad every year.

Favorite film: Chungking Express

Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad

Tess Kanters


Bachelor Culture & Society, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Interesting: Owns a kick-ass motorcycle and has filmed in 18 different countries (and counting) since she started working at 1Camera.

Favorite film: What We Do in The Shadows

Favorite TV show: Black Mirror

Mirjam Lawrence

Creative Producer

MA International Broadcast Journalism, City College London

Interesting: Plays the saxophone, and is also a singer who used to sing in loads of choirs

Favorite film: Man on Fire

Favorite TV show: The Wire