We are proud to present the new Achmea company film ‘Sustainable living, together. The Achmea way’.

With this film we are fully committed to true storytelling. The insight we drew during our concept development was that when something immensely drastic or even disastrous happens to you, life literally comes to a halt and it’s usually (or hopefully) the people around you, your community, that bring your life into motion again.

The value and purpose of an insurance system, should be that, through a mechanism of well understood self-interest (I insure myself in case something happens to me), it actually promotes both solidarity and continuity within society. Therefore providing the same dynamic of helping to start up life again after tragedy at scale. So even though you insure yourself out of self interest, the system of solidarity & continuity benefits society as whole.

To bring this idea to life we started story-mining research to find actual stories in the media and online/social media that illustrate this dynamic of solidarity sparking continuity. Out of close to a hundred stories, we selected the most powerful ones and cross referenced them to being insured by Achmea and ended up with a shortlist that represent the different brands and sectors of the insurance cooperative Achmea. For example, David and Emma discover that they are becoming parents of triplets and Anja and Ronald’s Inn catches fire, partly burning it down.

From these actual stories we created fictionalized stories, in which actors were cast. This is a break from the way of working in some of our other films,  where we cast the actual people to play in their own story. Due to the intense nature of these stories, we decided to employ actors from the start. However, we do want to extend a special thanks to the families involved for so graciously telling us their beautiful stories!

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