If there were a formula for great storytelling, no film, commercial or book would ever underwhelm, underperform or miss the mark. But no matter the application, storytelling is an art form, and as such, no sure-fire formula exists. But there are principles. A narrative structure that, when applied in the right way, creates effective stories that audiences want to keep watching, rather then move on to the next video. 1Camera is really invested in solid storytelling – our Unsung Heroes of Science film for DSM  even made it into Hollywood legend Robert McKee’s acclaimed seminars on storytelling for corporate film! That’s why we regularly host storytelling workshops. Such as for our clients at Microsoft! Last Monday the Microsofties (as they call themselves) came to our cinema to learn about story from 1Camera Creative Producer Mirjam Lawrence.

Also interested in our storytelling workshop? Contact info@1camera.nl!